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welcome to talk it out

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:24 am
Life is full of challenges. Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control, and sometimes we create challenges by our own hands. It isn't always easy to face them alone. Sometimes we just need somebody to understand us. Sometimes we just need a friend. Welcome to, the Internet's most unique depression forum. Here you will find people who will listen. More importantly, here you will find people who will care. You can take this life and improve it. We can help.
The depression forum is not a substitute for professional help. However, you may find that sharing your experience and connecting with others makes you feel better. Our members come from many different countries and are many different ages, each with different circumstances. As alone as you may feel, chances are that somebody else at the depression forum can identify with whatever you are going through.
Sometimes it helps to get your mind off of things for a while, and we have plenty of ways to do that. Check out our inspirational pictures, share your art and other creative works, discuss the news, and more in the lighter side of the depression forum.
Nothing on this site is a substitute for advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a medical professional. While members here are well meaning, regard any and all information as for
entertainment purposes only .
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